Do you indulge?

Here on the Jean  Journal we indulge twice a week in some hunky heroes! Ease in to the week by easing in to some hot pants on Blue Jean Mondays. Catch a new jean-clad hottie every week by following this blog. Here’s a sample:

Baby, you can drive my car…

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Big Hard Sun…

Now for the main bit…the Ndulgent Bloggers love romance books! And we romance authors love the Bloggers for their thoughtful reviews and support — with great events like this Blog Hop! To say thanks, the Jean  Journal is offering a free e-book to a lucky commenter at the conclusion of the hop. Leave a comment below for your choice of either of Jean Maxwell’s hot Spanish Seduction books, El Mirador (SS 1) or El Precio (SS 2). See links at left for more details on each title!

For an additional indulgence, here’s NEW excerpt, not previously published, from El Precio, the Price of Passion. Hope you like it, good luck in all the great contests, and hope to see you as a  new follower on the Jean  Journal!

EXCERPT, Chapter Eight. Tenerife, Spain:

He closed his eyes and concentrated on the feel of her smooth, warm skin touching his. The scent of her perfume reached his nostrils as he slowed his breathing to deep, measurable draughts. As he became hyper-aware of her, his body reacted in typical male fashion. A moment ago, he’d been terrified for her. Now all he could think of was fucking her.

Pale daylight filtered through the curtains, signalling that morning had arrived. He stroked her stomach for a start, eventually moving his hand up to her breasts. He revelled in their firm, yet yielding texture, his palm caressing the outer curve and fingertips massaging the soft brown nipples.

She began to stir, a low murmur starting in her throat. Dave smiled. His erection grew stiffer as he felt more blood rush south. He moved his knee overtop her leg and could resist the luscious little buds no longer. He swirled his tongue around her left nipple and closed his lips around it, sucking gently.

Zara turned her head from side to side, her murmurs elevating to little moans. That’s it, Lightning Girl, just go with it…let me take you places in your dreams. Dave’s hand slid down between her thighs and pushed her legs farther apart. He reached up to her crotch, parting her pussy lips with his fingers to find the needy nub of flesh to entertain.

She took a sharp intake of breath as he did so, exhaling in a deeper moan. His index finger stroked her clit with the barest touch, triggering the flow of wetness. Her hand withdrew from under the covers, and nestled itself on his head. Her fingers twined around his wavy brown locks and she began to move her hips in sync with his touch.

His lips moved to her other breast, repeating his artful manipulations. He felt overwhelmed by the need to remain physically connected to her, as if that would stop her from being dragged away from him in his dreams. His fingers moved to her entrance, sliding them inside her, moving slowly in and out. Her breath became laboured and uneven as her excitement level rose.

Both her hands were tangled in his hair now as his head lay pressed against her chest, alternately sucking and biting down on her tight, swollen nipples. Contented groans left her throat with each breath she took. He thought the sound of her rising pleasure alone might drive him over the edge himself, he wanted her so, but he would not stop.

He felt a sharp tug on his hair, forcing him to look up. Zara’s green eyes glowed like emerald fire as she stared back at him. God, the sight made him want to weep with desire. She drew his face to hers and took his bottom lip gently in her teeth before invading his mouth with her tongue, fueling his desire to an even deeper level. His dick ached with the need to be inside her.

She withdrew from his mouth. “Roll over,” she whispered, pushing on his shoulder. He had no idea what she had in mind, but would refuse her nothing. His hand slipped away from between her thighs and he twisted onto his back. She drew the crisp cotton sheets aside and sat up. For a moment, he worried she would leave the room. Instead, she got to her knees and swung one leg overtop him. She straddled him facing away, the unusual move making his heart skip a beat. He watched in awe as her lovely buttocks hovered over his reddened member.

My God, the girl knows a few things about sex. She had his legs pinned under her. He was at her mercy and he didn’t care. The upright head of his cock met with her hot wet cunt as she pushed down, past the outer lips with their teasing resistance followed by the blissful rush of his member sliding inward to full penetration.

He laid his hands on the creamy skin of her back, caressing the fine ridges of her shoulder blades visible beneath her tossing mane of sandy blond hair. Her hands gripped him around his ankles as her hips began to rise and fall up and down the length of his shaft. He could see a little bit of daylight between her ass and his crotch with each stroke she took, nearly driving him mad with lust. He lowered his hands to her buttocks, pressing his thumbs into the pale white flesh around her anus while she banged against his rod.

His vision seemed to blur and fill with shifting, kaleidoscopic colours as he lost control and hot fluid exploded from within him. Lost. He felt purely lost each time they were together, and each time told him with increasing certainty that he could never be without her.

The chic décor of their hotel room came into focus as his head cleared and his heart rate returned to normal. Her shoulders still heaved up and down as she too, recovered from their exertion. He gathered her hair in his hands and stroked it downward, hand over hand, feeling its silky length slipping through his fingers.

“Zara,” he said, his voice a strained whisper. He tugged on the rope of blond locks he held. Slowly, she separated her body from his and turned to face him. She laid herself across his moist, muscled chest and brushed her lips against his unshaven jaw.

“Did you like that, Thunder Boy?”

He closed his eyes and smiled in wonderment at this unbelievable jewel of a woman that fate had seen fit to place in his path. For maybe the second time in his life, he felt speechless. A coherent sentence refused to form in his mouth.

“Mmmm,” he grunted. “Thunder Boy like. A lot.”

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8 thoughts on “Do you indulge?

  1. tanna4abak says:

    What a great hop!
    My indulgence: CHOCOLATE & EROTIC PNR BOOKS! And not feeling guilty about it at all. LOL

    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.

  2. BookAttict says:

    My indulgence is a hot bubble bath, dark chocolate, a good, dry white wine and a good book (ideally,all at the same time) followed by a massage!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  3. Carin W says:

    Thanks for taking part in the blog hop, Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com

  4. Indulgences are books and David Gandy! Thanks for the hop and the chance to win!
    ehaney578 at aol dot com

  5. ronnkelly3 says:

    Thank you for the chance to win..

    I love Chocolate, Books, Shoes and Purses…LOL..

  6. Cassandra Hicks says:

    I love to indulge in books & cheesecake 🙂
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  7. Shadow says:

    Books are my indulgence! I cant resist them. I see them and want them. When i read them, i want even more! lol And chocolate is high up there too! 😀 Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaway! 🙂

  8. bn100 says:

    I like chocolate.


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