Celebrate like a ROCK STAR because Evernight Publishing is THREE!

EP BDay BH buttonIn three short years, Evernight has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to readers like you! Evernight is pulling out all the stops and throwing an extreme BIRTHDAY BASH BLOG HOP in your honor! That’s right! It’s Evernight’s birthday but YOU get the presents…

It’s the perfect time to buy the Evernight titles on your TBR list, as well as new gems you find during the event, because Evernight’s entire backlist is on sale at evernightpublishing.com and allromanceebooks.com through October 7th!

Prizes include:

Samsung Galaxy Tab
Kindle Paperwhite
Kobo Touch
$100 Evernight and Amazon Gift Certificates
Mega Evernight Swag Pack
Plus, each author on the hop will offer his/her own special prize!

As an author, I’m thrilled to share my stories with you and Evernight helps make my books shine! Here’s one reason why I love Evernight Publishing:

I can’t believe its been two years since becoming an Evernight Author! It’s been a life-changing experience for me, and there’s no stopping us now! I love that Evernight is a Canadian publisher, and is giving all of us aspiring authors, from Canada and around the world, a real chance at living that dream! Thank you guys, you rock!

You can check out my Evernight Titles by clicking on the cover icons at left, and remember ALL backlist titles are ON SALE NOW!

But wait, there’s more! I’m holding my own prize giveaway just for visiting! See below on how to enter for your chance to WIN a free Jean Maxwell title of your choice from the above!

To enter, do the following:
1) View my latest video trailer for El Precio (link below)
2) Leave a comment on this post, and what you thought of the trailer!
For extra entries, feel free to:
3) Follow this blog (see link at left)
4) Like my facebook Author Fan Page

Enter to win the Grand Prizes using Rafflecopter: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/e561a316/

Hop to the next stop here: Hop Now! http://www.inlinkz.com/wpview.php?id=314265

Happy Hopping, and Happy Birthday to you, Evernight Publishing! As a special thank you for stopping by, here’s a juicy excerpt from my newest WIP, Indecent Proposal:

The supply room’s bright lights seemed to vibrate overhead. Karlen stood in the center of the tiny room that barely measured six feet across. Steel shelving took up another eighteen inches of depth on two walls. In rapid breaths, she took in the scents of boxed printer paper, pencil leads, liquid soap and Windex among other varied, unplaceable aromas. Her heart thumped in her chest. Insanity, she scolded herself. Hiding out in a squirrel-sized hole waiting for a man she barely knew! Yet here she stood.

The door to the room opened slowly, noiselessly. Thatcher’s limber body slipped inside, his black jeans doing little to hide his impressive erection. He closed the door behind him, twisting the deadbolt into locking position.

“Hi,” he whispered. “Thank you for coming. You look delicious.” The overhead light cast a shadow from his brow, causing tiny topaz-glints of color to reflect in his brown eyes as he moved toward her. “You did a great job. We signed off the package and it is on its way. Congratulations.”

“We haven’t won it yet,” Karlen reminded him, in an equally hushed voice. She couldn’t take her own eyes away from his, they mesmerized her somehow. She felt hyper-aware of his advance, that closed the distance between them in a few soft steps.

“Still,” he said, placing his hands on her waist. “A very nice piece of work.” He leaned in and kissed her. His mouth felt warm and soft, his kiss gentle yet insistent. She melted into him, eyes closed. Karlen could not recall a sweeter kiss in her entire life. His hands roved upward, stroking the contours of her breasts. “Very nice indeed.”

Karlen’s chest rose and fell with each rapid breath. Her nipples peaked rigid as pebbles beneath his touch, and her genitals contorted in a needful spasm. As good as they felt on her tits, she wanted his hands down there, too. Wetness began seeping into her underwear.

“I presume you mean the proposal,” she replied. “Thank you.”

“Yes, that was a compliment,” he confirmed. His hands returned to her waist and began to turn her around, to face away from him. She found herself staring straight into a stack of ballpoint pens. “On all counts.”

– Jean


10 thoughts on “Celebrate like a ROCK STAR because Evernight Publishing is THREE!

  1. parisfanca says:

    thanks for the wonderful giveaway.


  2. JeanMP says:

    Great trailer, loved the music.
    Enjoyed reading the excerpt.
    Liked FB page and follow blog
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  3. Pam says:

    Beautiful trailer.

    pjmillion (at) comcast (dot) net

  4. nkuhnauthor says:

    I really enjoyed the storm and water footage! Music was mellow. Liked your fb page Happy Birthday Evernight! n.kuhn.acn@gmail.com

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  6. LaTanya Lawsom (chynarey) says:

    Like #304 on FB, loved the scenes in the trailer ( a lot of beautiful places)
    Happy Birthday Evernight!!


  7. What a beautiful trailer! Thanks for joining the hop!! Happy Birthday Evernight!!!
    Ashley A

  8. demonsangel says:

    I enjoyed the excerpt and the trailer the music was good but I kept thinking or I rather feel there’s something missing. I’m not exactly sure. If I figure it out I will be sure to let you know. Ithought the ocean from the plane wasbbeautiful but it didn’t really need to be there. I would have focused more on details from the story. I’m sorry but I’m sometimes too honest. I don’t mean anything by it.

  9. polovida says:

    Loved the trailer, followed the blog and liked on Facebook. Thank you for the giveaway.


  10. Eva P. says:

    Love the trailer, I think it’s awesome when you create them for your stories, it’s just adds a little something extra to the story 🙂

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