Hot Office Nights…..

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He crossed the room, closing the office door as he moved toward her, his eyes traveling up and down the length of her body. “You certainly have an impressive…resume.” “Thank you.” The dress seemed to be having the desired effect, though it worked two ways. Her nipples hardened as he surreptitiously looked down her neckline. Damn. This was going to be difficult. When Hendricks came within a few feet of her, the cologne that Kim had described hung tantalizingly in the air between them.

His gray suit jacket and crisp white shirt fitted him perfectly, accentuating his broad shoulders. Black slacks draped easily over his slim hips, the hems just grazing the tops of his expensive shoes. Laura took a step sideways, and so did he—the two of them were almost circling each other like prey and predator.

Even through his stylish lenses, his sky-blue eyes seemed to penetrate her very soul. Holy hell. She wished he’d penetrate her with a lot more than his eyes. “May I sit down?” she asked, her voice lowering to almost a whisper.

The blue eyes blinked, and unlocked the trance they’d both fallen under. “Of course. How about here,” he said, gesturing to the couch. “Can I get you anything before we start?” Laura admired the plush black leather, and seated herself in a slow, deliberate manner, crossing her legs just as she’d practiced. Leaning over toplace her portfolio on the table, she looked up at him with a knowing smile. “I don’t think so.”

He lowered himself into one of the armchairs opposite her, his eyes remaining fixed on her exposed cleavage. “All right, then. Uh, tell me about yourself.”

Laura paused before answering, letting silence do its magic. “I’m very, very good at my work,” she replied. “I have some…references, if you’d like to see.” Her hand smoothed over her bare thigh before reaching out to touch the portfolio case. Hendricks’ lips twitched in the beginnings of a smile. “Yes, I’d very much like to see your…references.” He shifted his feet, spacing his knees a little wider apart. Laura recognized the primal gesture, pleased that she was getting to him. And he was getting to her.

Despite her cool exterior, her insides fluttered like laundry hung out on a windy day. God, how long could she keep up the charade before jumping his bones? It’s what she’d come for, yet she wanted it for completely different reasons now. How could she honor her friend, and still have a chance at this man she’d admired from afar? He didn’t seem like the kind to be as callous and cruel as Kim said. She found herself praying it wasn’t so…praying that Cooper Hendricks was another person entirely.

She pulled the fake letters out of the case, and instead of sliding them across the table, stood and walked around to his chair. Bending down at his side, she handed him the papers at eye-level. As he took them from her, Laura observed his well-shaped and manicured fingers, imagining them exploring her tits, and the folds between her legs. Her pussy went wet at this thought. Laura pointed to the signature on the letter with one long, red-lacquered fingernail. “This is from the vice president of the bank.”

Hendricks cleared his throat. “I see.” He obligingly read the letter, or at least pretended to. She rested her hip on the cushioned arm of the chair while he did so, ensuring that their bodies touched. Even through layers of clothing, the connection blazed a sexy heat.

She bit her lip, mustering the strength to continue. Wait…wait…wait. He has to make the move, or the whole plan is screwed. “A glowing recommendation, indeed,” Hendricks commented after a moment.

His shoulder rested firmly against her thigh, and the sheet of paper vibrated in his hand. “Can you tell me more specifically about the projects mentioned here? Which of these are you most proud of?” His nervousness struck her as a surprise. The office Casanova, nervous at the presence of a woman? Strange.

She hesitated, calculating her answer. “I can show you.”

He swallowed, and swiveled his head in her direction. “I’m not sure what you mean by that,” he said in a quiet tone. “Perhaps you could explain further?” Laura remained still, waiting for some signal. After an unbearably long moment, he reached for her hand, drawing her off the arm of the chair and around in front of him. As she faced him, her eyes betrayed the longing in her.

In a breathless instant, he pulled her into his lap. Her knees split apart to straddle him, and she landed hard against his groin. His arms went around her back, holding her in place as they met nose to nose. Her heartbeat thundered in her ears, the scent of his heavenly cologne imparting a death blow to what remained of her self-control. “Miss Dunn,” he said, his voice low and rough, and his lips just millimeters from hers. “What can you show me?”


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