Jean’s Sunday Six Picks

It all began with six.

Six Sentence Sunday is the brainchild of Sara Brookes. What began as 4 participants in February 2010 now weekly assembles 100+ extremely talented aspiring authors and published authors–all of which are at various stages of their writing careers. There are no restrictions on genre, heat level or publisher. Authors pick any SIX sentences from their work from any genre, whether WIP or published, and post them each Sunday.  Read more at:

Jean Maxwell’s Six Picks for Sunday March 4, 2012:

From an older WIP, still hoping to see the light of day, entitled “Winter Symphony.”

Brandon sat with his head in his hands, listening to the crackle and snap of the fire in the fireplace. It seemed that even the fire mocked him, the sounds punctuating his anguish. He should tell her everything, he knew he should. He wanted it all to come out now, they had played cat and mouse for so many years. Life was indeed too short, just as she’d said. All that wasted time.


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